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Who’s to blame?

Abby Elizabeth Schachter reviews and dissects “Gidion’s Knot” at Hats off to Ms. Schachter for not only reviewing the play, but taking on the context and ideas of the play in a quite sweeping way!

Myself, I’m not so sure the play is so uniformly on the side of seeing the educational system as a form of “repression” – although, at its heart, the play is about the impossible dilemma (or Gordian knot?) of dealing with individual (in the case of Gidion, VERY individual!) personalities in an institutional setting.

Can we have a livable society, and still “get it right” for every budding individual? Can we really accept everyone unconditionally for what they are? Sadly, tragically sadly, we probably can’t. Who, then, should we blame?

Johnna Adams wrote Corryn’s lines with such brio that I’m sure she does have sympathy for her raging libertarian fury, but I couldn’t have directed the play with honesty, if I felt it was a flat-out polemic. The back-and-forth flow of strengths and vulnerabilities between the two characters is too complex for that; and Heather’s belief in duty and basic kindness is too authentic.

“Gidion’s Knot” starts again on Friday evening, for four more shows. Come down to the Centre culturel Georges-Vanier and take in Sherry Chen and Tara Bissett’s beautiful, fiery, delicate performances. Tickets are still available, via Eventbrite, or at the door!