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What do you think children are?

“Gidion’s Knot” opens tonight. Johnna Adams’ tight and tense 75-minute drama pits Corryn (Sherry Chen) against 5th-grade teacher Heather (Tara Bissett) in a mutual cross-examination of the circumstances around 11-year old Gidion’s suicide. Gidion remains a mute, inscrutable presence, even to those who are charged with raising and educating him- was he a bully, a victim, a prodigy, a psychopath… and over it all hangs the question, how do adults truly influence children as they grow… or do they at all? What are children truly, and to what extent are adults not still children themselves?

It’s been a real thrill to direct this play. It is a director’s dream of a script, tense, witty, and full of shocking emotional twists. But most of all, I’m so happy to have had the chance to work with Sherry and Tara, two very brave and committed actors who have really had to “leave it all on the road” to give life to these characters. They have a real “chemistry”, and only two great, supportive friends, as they’ve been to each other, could tear at each other so savagely on stage :)

Join us at the Centre culturel Georges-Vanier, this weekend or next, for this unique play!