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Thank you!

A big thanks to everyone who came out to see “Palace of the End”. It was an extraordinary experience for all of us, and, we hope, for you as well. Watch this site for more news of the Waterworks Company in the coming months!  

An “assault to the soul” – Bloody Underrated

Bloody Underrated reviews “Palace of the End”! – Tickets are on sale here: Watch the trailer:

“Like a meteorite carrying a revelation. Don’t miss it.” – The Gazette

Pat Donnelly at the Gazette reviews “Palace of the End”! Tickets are on sale here: Watch the trailer:

10 years today

… and this story is still not history yet: Sylvain Richard at “Culture Plus” reviews “Palace of the End”:

Lying to ourselves

While preparing “Palace of the End”, I realized pretty quickly that it was not a “protest” play, but a tragedy about the spiritual cost of telling yourself lies. The three characters in this show told themselves lies, and, lacking as they did the scaffolding of privilege that a Tony Blair or a George Bush enjoys, ...

Monthéâtre: “On demeure pensifs et quelque peu secoués par cette dure réalité”

“Palace of the End” reviewed by Geneviève Germain, MonThéâtre!

“Palace of the End: a standout Montreal play on Iraq” – The Suburban

First notices are in! Read the review in “The Suburban”, or here!   Tickets are on sale here: Watch the trailer:

“Palace of the End” on CKUT’s “Upstage”

CKUT`s “Upstage” interviews director Rob Langford! Listen to (or download) the podcast here! (March 14th episode)

Opening night!

“Palace of the End” opens tonight. Over the past two months, Sarah, Michael, and Alexandra have worked like crazy, and they have created (or re-created) three fully-fleshed characters, all beautiful in their way, who display the best and worst in humanity. To me, this is acting for the theatre at its classic best, and I’m ...

“A decade after the invasion of Iraq, Palace of the End tells three powerful stories”

Read about the show, in today’s Suburban!