An anglo theatre for Montreal's Sud-Ouest / Un théâtre anglophone pour le Sud-Ouest de Montréal

“This is not an easy production to watch, and it’s even harder to forget.”

Toronto’s “Mooney On Theatre” reviews “intense and challenging” Aftermath: “Levitt is great… a brilliant actor and impactful and stinging language.”

“Her words fed my mind, my heart, and my spirit.”

We’d like to feature the words of Tamarack Verrall, who saw “Aftermath” last year in Montreal, and went on to help us in many ways throughout the run. Tam’s life in the feminist movement goes back to starting the first women’s centres in Montreal in the 60s, “an innocent time when we began to address ...

Westmount Magazine: “Intense and compelling”

Byron Toben reviews “Aftermath” for Westmount Magazine: In “Aftermath” they have a real coup. It was written by ’60s poster girl for radical feminism Andrea Dworkin… The bare bones stage, a ladder and piles of books, forces the audience to concentrate on the words as delivered emotionally and powerfully by Helena Levitt.

Feminist Current interviews “Aftermath” co-directors

In a podcast at Feminist Current, Meghan Murphy interviews “Aftermath” co-directors Tracey Houston and Rob Langford.

“How to tell a good rape story” / “Comment bien raconter un viol”

Suzanne Zaccour, who blogs at De colère et d’espoir, and hosted the post-show discussion on our opening night, writes a brilliant appreciation of “Aftermath” at Feminist Current: “How to tell a good rape story“. A French version is posted at “De colère et d’espoir”. Aftermath is about refusing to shut up. This is Andrea Dworkin’s ...

The Gazette: Helena Levitt’s “open wound of a performance”

Jim Burke of the Montreal Gazette reviews “Aftermath”: As Dworkin, Helena Levitt delivers an open wound of a performance under the lucid direction of Rob Langford and Tracey Houston. It’s like the sustained scream of a figure in a Greek tragedy tormented beyond endurance. Decked out in Dworkin’s trademark dungarees and straggly hair, hobbling painfully ...

CKUT’s “Upstage” features “Aftermath” star and director

CKUT’s “Upstage” interviews director Tracey Houston and star Helena Levitt (8 minutes into the recording) about the experience of bringing Andrea Dworkin’s words to the stage: Link to hear the mp3 (“Aftermath” feature begins 8 minutes in)

The Montreal Gazette: “Politically savvy” Waterworks “brings us into Andrea Dworkin’s mindset, using her own words”

The Gazette’s Jim Burke previews “Aftermath” with an in-depth interview with Dworkin’s life-partner John Stoltenberg. “The thing that I feel most strongly about in this piece is that I think it has the power and potential to make the world better for survivors now. It’s still a very rough time for survivors of sexual assault. ...

Gazette: our “powerful political theatre” is part of Montreal’s “dark” fall anglo season!

The Montreal Gazette surveys the upcoming anglo theatre season, and highlights the timeliness of “Aftermath”: Aftermath: The Waterworks Company has been producing some powerful political theatre (including Judith Thompson’s Palace of the End). Its latest is an adaptation of an unpublished document from the late radical feminist Andrea Dworkin in which she alleged she was ...

Andrea Dworkin on why she writes

“I’d like to take what I know and just hand it over. But there is always a problem, for a woman: being believed. How can I think I know something? How can I think that what I know might matter? … My only chance to be believed is to find a way of writing bolder ...