An anglo theatre for Montreal's Sud-Ouest / Un théâtre anglophone pour le Sud-Ouest de Montréal

Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who came out for “Gidion’s Knot”, this weekend and last! I hope that it was as thrilling and moving an experience for you as it was for me and the cast and crew.

For The Waterworks Company, it’s the first step in a new and ever-evolving business model. I’m hoping, as it says on the front page of our website, to build a loyal core audience who will come see new writing because they know it will be good. I’ll take a dozen or two galvanized spectators over 500 that are there because someone said this play was important or a classic. Everything we do will be a surprise, and it’ll only go up on our stage if it totally sideswiped me when I first read it.

In that spirit, I invite you to *watch this space* for news of our production of Cat Jones’ remarkable “Glory Dazed”, due to open at the Centre culturel Georges-Vanier on May Day of 2014. And (getting pathetic) please go over to and “like” us, so that you’ll continue to get updates on shows, auditions, and other news.